About Us

 Urban ELLEGANCE Handcrafted Jewelry is my interpretation of the impact a small yet Elegant piece of jewelry can have to the fashion conscious woman of today. The difference between relying on an outfit to determine the hue of your accessories and letting your accessories add that much needed spark to any wardrobe.
Urban ELLEGANCE Handcrafted Jewelry is the tie that binds the "street savvy woman", navigating her way through the concrete jungle,to the "boardroom beauty",that allows her accessories to voice her way around a corporate color scheme,to the "leading lady",that is head liner in all aspects of her life.
Urban ELLEGANCE Handcrafted Jewelry is made with you in mind.

Should you need to contact me at anytime during a transaction, please email me [email protected]

If there is something you would like and do not see, including a different quantity, color etc... please feel free to contact me and I can create a custom order for you.