Urban Ellegance/Room99 Collabrative Bracelet


Image of Urban Ellegance/Room99 Collabrative Bracelet

This piece was designed by UrbanEllegance Jewels,LLC exclusively in partnership with @room99_ in a collaborative effort to push forward their mission to engage youth in meaningful service-learning opportunities.

Room99 is an educational initiative whose mission is to engage youth in meaningful collaborations and service-learning opportunities that prepare and equip them to thrive in a global society.
The piece features 10mm Brownzite beads, paired with Emerald Green Agate, and adorned with the Reaching Branches charm, symbolic of a students local connection (trunk of the tree) and introduction to global mindset (outstreched branches).All hardware is non tarnishing African Brass.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go back to the organization to aide in activities to promote social conciousness and responsibility within our young future leaders.

Follow Room99 's activity and impact on IG @room99_


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